Ghetto Media provides digital content and strategies. We support SME's working on marketing and communications campaigns and have expertise across the main areas of the digital communication workflow. We look forward to working collaboratively with you and your team.


Digital Video: Production that will fit seamlessly into your
communications plan. We can produce educational, cinematic
or social media pieces to suit your needs as directed.

Photography: Event photography (including CASA registered aerial photography) as well as documentary style images for your communications and marketing campaigns.

Film/video editing: Creating the final media piece is about knowing what to keep and what to cut. We can also colour  'grade' your media to suit your marketing message. Vibrant colours and different treatments to add emotional impact to the story.

Illustration: Pen and ink reportage illustration for business, medical and journalistic inspired work. Storyboards and conceptual sketches to add another dimension to your projects and marketing plans.

Drone: CASA registered commercial drone operator.
We capture stunning aerial footage with our drone cameras
giving your clients a new perspective of your
business and adding some drama to your online media.

Music production: Over the last 10 years we've worked with many of the local film and radio industry. We understand that you probably don't have a Hollywood budget but that you'd like your marketing campaign to hit the right note. That means having the right piece of music/score for the message.

Live Stream: Multicamera live stream events on your website and/or social media platforms. Reliable and repeatable mobile service within the Canberra region.