Indigenous Marathon Project (2019)

A series of interviews with the 2019 team of indigenous marathon participants and their journey to New York for the 2019 New York Marathon. Running and physical activity underpins all IMF programs they are committed to providing inclusive, and fun environments for people to adopt active and healthy lifestyles.

Kookaburras (2017, 16min)

The making of a project window to memorialise Australian women widowed by war. The film was produced in Canberra during 2017 and completed over that year. It screened at the 2017 Veterans Film Festival and was well received. Kookaburras was made with broad consultation and completed on a modest budget.

MANUFRACTURED (2018, 5 min)

Fashion in Australia's capital Canberra. New Zealander Melanie Child shows her 2017 collection on the Fashfest runway and discusses her motivation and aspirations. The film also examines the trade relationship over the Tasman with High Commissioner from N.Z. His Excellency Mr Chris Seed.

Kokoda, PNG (2017)

A contemporary photographic journey over the grueling 96km Kokoda Track documenting a 14 member expedition carrying historically accurate equipment and rations over very dense jungle mountain ranges on the 75th anniversary of the Kokoda battles that became part of Australian folklore.

The Field (2018, 8 min)

A short documentary film broadly around the issues of religion and multiculturalism in Canberra. Commenced 2016 and completed in 2018. Most of the religions participated in the project.

#GIRLS TAKEOVER (2017, 8 min)

Encouraging gender diversity in the ACT Parliament and working with MLA Nicole Lawder this project was developed to raise awareness around equity within ACT and Federal parliament. Filmed in one day and edited as an 8 minute short (2017).

Expert's on Autism (2017)

A series of conversations around autism by community experts and advocates Marymead. In conversation about autism and Asperger's syndrome, Canberra 2017. Five short light-hearted interviews ranging from 30 to 1:30 seconds each piece.

Lexie’s story (2016, 8 min)

A short film produced for Cerebral Palsy Alliance about Mel and Simon and their daughter Lexie. A moving story about how the CPA manages its important work and how courageous Australian's face these challenges like these everyday.

HOME in Queanbeyan (2017, 8 min)

A short film written by Peter Day and produced by Ghetto Media.
The film is told through the eyes of a lovable King Charles Cavalier (Benny)
and describes a day in the life at HOME in Queanbeyan.